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Stress it seems is widely accepted as an unavoidable consequence of modern life and how we manage it and respond to it, can have a profound impact on our ability to regulate our mood and sleep soundly. For those of us at a loss as to how to reduce the stress from the outside, Cognito Smartblends have worked tirelessly to provide the best supplementation to help you from the inside.

Recuperate; our 5HTP supplement supports the pathways that help us regenerate critical neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin. Our premium ingredients and optimal dosages have been shown not only to facilitate sleep, but to induce a feeling of calm and tranquillity we all wish to experience after a long day.

Whether you struggle to wind down, to regulate your mood or to sleep uninterrupted, we have endeavoured to provide your brain with the critical elements it needs to upregulate its neurotransmitter production as well as maintain its resilience and ability to recuperate. Additionally we have included a smart blend of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts that work with the brain to return you to Zen.

£31.99 – 60 capsules (1 month supply)

Recuperate is an advanced 5-in-1 blend of clinically proven ingredients with 12 recognised benefits:

  • Helps to enhance cognitive function in adults.
  • Helps to promote feeling of calm
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Helps to promote increased serotonin production
  • Helps to promote increased melatonin production
  • Helps to improve sleep quality
  • Helps to temporarily promote relaxation.
  • Relieve symptoms of stress (mental fatigue and sensation of weakness).
  • Helps relieve nervousness.
  • Helps relieve nervous dyspepsia / to help digestion in cases of nervousness and/or stress.
  • Helps increase resistance to stress/anxiety in individuals with a history of chronic stress, thereby improving their overall quality of life.
  • Helps improve mood, happiness, and promote positive outlook.


Vegetarian capsules are:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Easy to swallow or drink
  • Pure (absolutely no synthetic fillers or binders)

Fast acting for immediate results


Designed with a specific blend of ingredients to help you maintain a state of peaceful calm.

Lemon BalmLemon Balm

This anti oxidant herbal extract has been extensively used to alleviate stress and boost relaxation. The essential oils that are extracted from the leaves have been traditionally used to treat insomnia, nervousness and anxiety.It forms part of our Recuperate Tranquillity Blend that helps to promote a calm and relax state.

Magnesium Citrate

This key mineral makes it into our flagship chill pill for multiple reasons. Firstly, counters stress is by binding to and stimulating GABA receptors in the brain which counters feelings of being overwhelmed and disorganized. Magnesium also restricts the release of stress hormones such as cortison and acts as a filter to prevent them entering the brain which means reduced anxiety.

L Theanine

A critically important amino acid for brain health, L-Theanine is present in large quantities in green tea and is widely accepted to play a vital role in crossing the blood brain barrier and increasing the level of dopamine in the brain. This results in a reduction in stress and an elevated sense of mood. Its mind relaxant properties make it a key ingredient in our blend and it has the added advantage of being widely regarded as caffeine’s best friend.


Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter linked to mood, happiness, and positive outlook. Cognito’s recuperate blend has combined the building blocks of serotonin, 5 HTP and L-tryptophan working synergistically with the converting catalyst vitamin B6, which provides the nutrients to help your body optimise serotonin levels.


5 HTP is an intermediate metabolite used to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a very important substance which helps promote normal brain and nerve function. Serotonin is the main neurotransmitter that supports mood, sleep functions and appetite. If you are looking to counter anxiety, facilitate weight loss and manage stress, 5-HTP is an important component in your supplementation. It’s also related to melatonin which is critical for sleep.


An essential amino acid, L-Tryptophan achieves its effects by way of supporting 5-HTP and boosting serotonin, one of the keybrain chemicals involved in regulating mood. Among other functions, serotonin promotes feelings of calm, relaxation, and sleepiness. Deficiencies are associated with depression and as such, many of today’s powerful antidepressant drugs work to increase the level of available serotonin in the brain. Supplementing with this amino acid is a natural means bringing serotonin into the normal range.

Black Pepper Extract

Designed to increase and enhance the absorption of ingredients enabling them to work more effectively.


Supports melatonin production, a key hormone responsible for regulating circadian rhythms and vital for restful sleep.

Montmorency Cherry Powder

Montmorency Cherry Powder is one of nature’s best known melatonin sources enabling you to regulate your biorhythms and circadian rhythms which allows you better control over the timing and quality of your sleep.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper has been included in out stack due to properties that help it enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients. It also works directly by inhibiting enzymes that break down serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. This can result in improved mood better rest.

  • Available as: 60 veggie capsules
  • Daily Serving: 2 capsules, Once or twice per day

Recommended use:

Adults take two capsules in the evening prior to sleep. Two capsules may also be taken during the day to help  support stress.


Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry place.