The human body is perhaps the most complex machine in existence. The brain, our supercomputer and control centre, has massive fuel demands, consuming over 20% of the body’s energy.

Our muscles require a combination of strength, endurance and dexterity to function at their best. Our lifestyles require alert attention, diligence, and effective stress management. Modern life is extremely demanding, and Cognito Smartblends is there to ensure you have the best supplements and products available to support your ambition to function at your best.

Cognito Smartblends researches, develops and sells a range of leading edge cognitive enhancing supplements and products which help our customers optimise their brain function during work, rest and play.

We strive to develop best in class products that exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver remarkable benefits in cognitive function, mood enhancement and sleep quality.

Our philosophy is to offer the best possible total human optimisation through smart supplementation and innovative products that improve cognitive function and promote a sense of overall health and wellness.

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